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Student Testimonials

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Don’t just take our word for it, see what past students have said about their time here!

I loved my homestay family! The two little girls see me like an older sister and I really enjoyed playing together with them. From the beginning the family let me into their daily life and family traditions. They took me on little trips to show me Nanaimo and the area here which I really appreciate. Also the food my host mum cooked was always fresh and very yummy. I will miss the family and my life in Nanaimo.
Tamara S. - International Student
Germany, Grade 10
The past few months were the best of my life and I am so happy I got to meet so many amazing people.
Josefine B. - International Student
Austria, Grade 11
I have to say that the International experience I had in Nanaimo changed my life forever. All the experiences I had during my year there made me grow as a person and understand the world is way more than the bubble I used to live in Brazil. Nanaimo offered me so many experiences and courses that I would never had in Brazil, such as 3D Modeling, web design, carpentry, cooking, cinema. All of these courses made me choose what I really loved in life and motivated me to pursue my digital career. The most important lessons I learned about Nanaimo is that it can never be described, it must be experienced.
Gus M. - International Student
Brazil, Grade 11
Everyone is friendly and it is a good education. I am very thankful for the friends that I made and for the support that was provided as I planned my graduation and future.
Yiying Z. - International Student
China, Grade 12
I had a wonderful time in Nanaimo with my family, friends, and school. My family was very open minded and caring. I would do it again for sure.
Rena C. - International Student
Japan, Grade 10
Even with COVID-19, I enjoyed my time here a lot. Nanaimo and it´s surroundings has so much to offer and the location is just perfect to go to Vancouver, Tofino, Victoria or Mt. Washington. You could do axe throwing or surfing or go skiing. Just being able to try another school system is already amazing, but on top of that you have so cool electives to try out like foods or photography. I think what I´ll miss the most are my friends, not only the Canadians but also the other International Students. It´s an experience that changes you and you won´t forget about it your whole life!
Daria Z. - International Student
Germany, Grade 12